The best way to learn a language is being able to converse in it.

LinguaVille has a vast selection of phrases used in everyday life which we have placed into categories, and further divided into easy-to-use smaller sections that we call sub-categories.

These enable you to target your learning more effectively.

There are 23 Categories and 139 Sub-Categories so you can plan your language learning development with ease – session by session.

LinguaVille’s phrases are found within our Travel Centre. To ensure true understanding and not just ‘parrot-learning’ we put you through 3 distinct tasks:

1. To learn the phrase.

2. To hear the phrase and type it, and

3. To see the phrase and translate it back.

Learning the Phrase

The Phrase is shown to you on screen in both your home language and the language you are wanting to learn.

As you progress with your learning you can hide or show either the home or target language – mix it up a bit, test yourself!

Hearing the Phrase

Our Aural Section will show you a phrase.

You type what you hear.

This increases both your aural and written skills.

Watch out for any accented characters and curve balls – it’s all part of ensuring language learning is fun!

Seeing the Phrase

As comprehension develops here’s another module that should be valuable to you.

It tests your understanding of what you see.

On the screen will be some text – and the task here is to translate it into your chosen language.

Making it more Challenging

Our tasks can be in the Home Language, the Target Language or a mixture of both.

You can challenge yourself, your student or your class by hiding or showing either of these languages in the Aural and Translation categories, or in any of the School’s Exercises.

You can then run your own test at any time and can print out your achievement with our LinguaVille Certificates of Achievement.

Our awards system will also issue a medal for each sub-category completed and a cup is awarded on completion of the Phrase coursework, which you can view in LinguaVille’s Trophy Shop!

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