What is LinguaVille?

LinguaVille is structured, yet flexible Language Learning and Revision through a range of modules that ensure reading, writing, listening and speaking skills are developed and encouraged in the language learning arena.

Key Features

Multilingual Learning in line with National Curricula from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, India and the United States' Key Stages.

All our modules are available in both exercise and test formats so you can readily anticipate how you, your student or your child is progressing.

Key Stages and Curricula content are provided throughout LinguaVille, from the first steps in a language to Further Education and beyond.

Over 7,500 multi-tier exercises and tests in 7 modules: Multiple Choice, Word Order, Fill-In Words, Cloze Procedure, Verbs, Text Adventure and Dictation.

5 levels of distinct learning from absolute beginners through to advanced.

Over 52,000 exercise and test-based phrases to provide total immersion in a language learning environment.

An incredible 48 different modular techniques of learning are provided.

Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking with other different movement activities are provided to ensure interest is maintained, encouraged and results in a varied, in-depth learning process.

Certificates, Medals of Achievement and Cups are awarded to students as they progress through LinguaVille.

An Authoring System is available to Schools to create further bespoke lessons designed to fit the needs of the ever-changing classroom environment. From field trips to points of interest and debate, the Authoring System allows the teacher to remain topical and up to date at all times.

LinguaVille is an Academic Village in its own right that is the ideal aid to the classroom, yet because of its structure it is also a great stand-alone product for the would-be linguist! 

All our modules have been written and checked by mother-tongue teachers and linguists.

LinguaVille has not just 1, but 2 dictionaries! An easy dictionary of 1,000 words with pictures and sound split into easy-to-use categories and our main dictionary of over 20,000 words (plus extra verbs and tenses) with descriptions, type of word and sound to ensure at all times words are pronounced correctly.

Our playground contains educational games to further develop language skills. We provide 7 games of various levels of ability to ensure from the start to the end of your journey with LinguaVille that language learning is fun!

Full Helpline and Getting Started notes are available to any user requiring further assistance.

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