LinguaVille’s educational games are designed to incorporate problem-solving, strategising, exploring, and eventually triumphing to motivate your progress and make learning fun!

A variety of skills, knowledge and dexterity is required to progress through the seven different games available in a range of levels.

Our games rely on our 1000 word Junior dictionary (with associated pictures and sounds), and our Advanced dictionary of 20,000 words so vocabulary is built while playing.

We even have a Word-search question and answer section where it is the comprehension of the question that will enable you to select a correct answer.

Through pointing, seeing, clicking, typing, stretching, selecting and thinking the games ensure your continued language journey in a fun and relaxed atmosphere – yet still developing language awareness.

The Games we have are:

Suitable for Class 1:
Parts of the Body, Clothing.

Suitable for Beginners Level:
Beat the Clock, Anagrams, Matching

Suitable for Standard, Intermediate and Advanced Levels:
Beat the Clock,

Wordsearch (in Standard, Intermediate and Advanced Levels)

Let-r-Link will compare the words you find in our Main Dictionary, located in the Library.

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