LinguaVille has over 7,500 multi part exercises and tests that are split across 48 different modules all of which are accompanied by sound.

These Exercises can be found in the following five levels of learning:


Class 1 provides you with essential basics in getting started:

: This module teaches you how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in the language you wish to learn.

Accented Characters
: Some languages use something called ‘accented characters’ to change the sound of a letter within a word. If your target language uses these, then this section shows you how to pronounce them correctly.

Getting Started
: Your first words – now you’re communicating!

: LinguaVille teaches you the words and sounds for the numbers you need to know.

Days of the Week
: Learning the terms for specific days of the week.

Parts of the Day
: Getting more specific about the part of a day you are talking or writing about.

About Meals
: Learning more vocabulary about what various meals are called.

: Stating where things are with deictics or ‘pointing words'.

There are also links within Class 1 to our Playground to play two games: Parts of the Body and Clothing. All these lessons have sound.


The Beginners Level progresses from Class 1. More modules or activities are here to help with your foundation of learning. Building up vocabulary is important, so through a range of modules we provide over 1,000 words to get you started. All the words within this section have both sound and pictures.

: Words are presented to you in various categories. You simply select the word of your choice in your home language and it is shown in the target language together with a picture.

: This module enables you to attempt the spelling of words by yourself. We show you a picture of the word we want you to guess. When you attempt to spell that word, we will give you the following clues to help you: A green letter is correctly placed within the word; an orange letter is in the word, but incorrectly placed; and a red letter means that the letter you have typed in does not belong in the word

: This module shows you the picture of the word in the same way as the ‘Try’ module, but this time, you’re up against the clock. We will always help you with the answer if you’re stuck, so you can successfully complete the exercise and earn a Trophy for your collection.

Standard, Intermediate and Advanced Levels

This is where you are introduced to modules used extensively within the National Curricula from Australia, Canada, India and the United Kingdom as well as addressing Key Stages from the United States.

There are two options here to choose from first: Exercises or Tests;

The Exercises are a great starting point, as you are allowed two attempts to get the answers to the questions correct, before LinguaVille reveals the correct answer to you if necessary.

The Tests show you the same questions, but the correct answers and your scores will be revealed at the end of the section, making this option more of a challenge.

It is up to you how many questions you attempt to do so you can decide on your own learning speed. If using the School version, a certain number of questions might have been set by your teacher

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