Classroom Benefits

LinguaVille is a totally structured Language Learning System in line with National Curricula from the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, India and the United States’ Key Stages.

LinguaVille’s methodology is step by step: see, learn, test, then check. We provide essential first steps to learning a language, through to advanced exercises and tests where students utilise reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

LinguaVille provides Teachers with their own Authoring System to create bespoke lessons that can address up-to-date issues, classroom activities within and outside the school and specific areas of interest as a result of project studies. Teachers can create lessons using our modules and our data, their own data, or a mixture of the two; creating bespoke assignments for their students.

LinguaVille is very popular within the education sector for three essential reasons:

1. It can provide 1:1 teaching and revising assistance, or group activities.

2. LinguaVille’s 48 modular systems enable distinct learning and teaching methodology that is proven to work.

3. It’s Authoring System can create pupil, class or year group ‘global’ homework or project assignments where scores are presented to the teacher upon completion.

Our Teacher Dashboard ensures information is provided to the teacher in a clear, easy-to-use format. Communication to and from the student can be done within the System and the scoring algorithms used provide the teacher with a record of student’s genuine progress in the language learning environment.

A student can progress at his own pace, either individually, with classroom involvement or as part of a teacher directed session. Teachers can provide a 1:1 bespoke lesson without requiring further teaching resources.

LinguaVille develops language skills, step by step and is an invaluable tool within the class.

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