About LinguaVille

LinguaVille is a new, exciting and vibrant way to learn or revise for a second language. Our advisors and staff have a background in linguistics and computer software product development, who have combined together to provide you with the best product and opportunity to learn a new language.

LinguaVille is a language learning suite of exercises designed in a structured format within the National Curriculum guidelines.

National Curricula were studied and the Key Stages of development were set in place across four levels of structured learning; from simple word and picture recognition through to dictation, comprehension and literary standards. Then we created over 7,500 multi-tier exercises to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills within the language arena, supported by tests throughout the entire learning process.

The phrases are used again to provide 24,000 aural exercises, 24,000 translation exercises and 4,000 phrase based exercises in both home-to-target and target-to-home scenarios to really test the comprehension and understanding.

LinguaVille also has two extensive dictionaries: a 20,000 word with additional verbs and a junior dictionary of 1,000 words accompanied by pictures. Both dictionaries have all words recorded so you can accurately hear the correct pronunciation. We uses these dictionaries and other content within the learning solution in all of our educational word games which provides a word and picture association for the junior levels, to help encourage natural recognitive development.

LinguaVille is the essential way of language learning; teaching the student through steady, structured and assessed learning supported through sound, word, written and visual exercises to stimulate and make language learning fun.

Today LinguaVille is used in schools, colleges and home-schools as well as individuals, both young and mature, which provides total immersion in a language yet with support, guidance and direction.

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