Languages available are; French, German, Italian, Spanish, Hindi and English


Exercises are located in the School Building of our LinguaVille village.

All come with text, sound and the ability to record your own voice to compare against the pre-recorded Linguist.

Class 1, Beginners, Standard, Intermediate, Advanced and Authoring (for Schools)


Phrases are located in Travel Shop in our LinguaVille village.

LinguaVille contains a permutation of over 52,000 phrases between Home and Target languages.

There are Categories and Topics for you to choose from to aid your language learning processes and develop both comprehension and communication skills.


Games are located in the LinguaVille’s village Playground.

Various educational games can be played in LinguaVille’s Playground:

Let-r-Link, Anagram, Wordsearch, Beat the Clock, Matching, Parts of the Body and Clothing.

Our Games make learning languages fun!


Dictionaries are sited in LinguaVille’s Library. We supply two types of dictionaries for you to develop further vocabulary comprehension: a Junior dictionary containing over 1,000 words and pictures, and a comprehensive 20,000 word dictionary complete with a range of verbs and tenses for the more advanced user.
These dictionaries are both multi-directional between the languages we offer and come with full sound.